Who will select the 2017 Balkan Photo Award winners?

bpa-jury2017Similarly to previous years, the Organization Team of the Balkan Photo Festival has appointed jury members to select the 2017 Balkan Photo Award winners in 11 categories: Fashion/Advertising Photography, Wedding Photography, Cultural Heritage, Nature and Environment, Portrait, Sports, Everyday Life, Mobile Phones, News and Events, Creative Photography, Reportage/Photo Series.

A special online application has been developed by the Fotografija.ba web portal’s IT team for the needs of the Balkan Photo Festival. The application enables contestants to enter their submissions with minimum effort, and ensures an anonymous photo selection process by the BPA jury.

All photographs uploaded through the online application will be anonymized. Jury members will not have access to any information that may identify the authors and will only be able to view photo descriptions.

The IT team will process all submitted entries to remove any identifying information such as author’s name inside the photo captions etc (i.e. in case this was not automatically removed during upload).

The IT team will also process all entries so as to disqualify photographs containing imprinted watermarks.

During the next stage of the selection process the jury will grade every photograph with a YES or NO; a photograph will need to collect more than a half of positive votes to enter the next round.

In the third stage of the selection process the photographs will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10 in three categories: message/idea, technical execution and composition/artistic value. This will result in the selection of 90 shortlisted photographs and among them the winners. In the case of a tie, the winner will be selected by the jury chair, who will provide a written explanation of their choice.

This year’s jury panel consists of: Bénédicte Kurzen (Jury Chair), Jim Casper (editor-in-chief at Lensculture), Máximo Panés (editor-in-chief at Dodho Magazine), Maral Deghati (Manager Education at the World Press Photo Foundation), Ana Frangovska (curator at National Gallery of Macedonia), Damir Senčar (Picture Editor/Photographer at HINA, Croatian News Agency), Marko Marinković (freelance photographer), Imre Szabo(photojournalist), Burim Myftiu (photographer), Senad Šahmanović (movie director), Aleksandra Nina Knežević (designer), Ahmed Burić (journalist and writer), Miro Majcen (photographer).

Please click HERE to find more about our jury members

The deadline for BPA entries is 5 January 2018. Please follow this link if to apply. The award ceremony will take place on 26 January 2018 in the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. The ceremony will also mark the beginning of the Festival program that will include a series of lectures, workshops and visiting exhibitions.

2017 Balkan Photo Award prize list


This year’s Grand Prix Award is a dSLR camera Canon EOS 5D MARK IV, a gift from Festival’s general sponsor Canon Bosnia and Herzegovina. For special recognition on the competition, our golden sponsors prepared gifts, camera Canon EOS 77D by AvteraBH, and camera Sony α6500 by Sony Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to the photo contest, this year’s Festival brings a rich educational program.

For more information about the contest entry rules and the application form please go to this link.

This year’s Festival is supported by: Creative Europe, UNICEF, Foundation for music, performing and visual arts Sarajevo, National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The contest general sponsor is Canon Bosnia and Herzegovina and golden sponsors are Avtera BH and Sony Bosnia and Herzegovina. The contest is also supported by the following sponsors and friends: BlackBOX, Profoto, Hotel Festival, Ilford, FAN Ferhatović i EUROBHPLAKATBH.

The Festival’s official photo/news agency is Pixsell Photo Agency.

The contest media partners are: LensCulture, Magazin Dani, Dodho Magazine i Urban Magazin.



  • December 30, 2017

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